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Excellence & Innovation

Seminars and Executive Masterclasses

Evolve Your Purpose, Leadership and Skills

Culture and Business


If “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, Excellence & Innovation may easily become side dishes. Nearly 90% of all major organizational initiatives or programs die a slow death, systematically chewed up by the jaws of culture. Let’s break the cycle and serve a dinner of best practices from great, enduring organizations that have transformed their cultures into their greatest competitive advantage.

This Executive Masterclass highlights effective mechanisms and practical approaches for cultural transformation:

  • Evaluating cultural status, history and resistance to change

  • Intentionally designing a culture for competitive advantage

  • Identifying and engaging cultural champions, influencers, and leaders

  • Engaging and energizing the workforce to implement change that creates value

  • Accelerating leadership development aligned with the new culture

  • Transforming apathy and complacency into a purpose driven organization that delivers results

Duration: 2 hrs, 4 hrs or 8 hrs

Executive Seminars Collaboration Retreats

Innovation Acceleration: Unleashing the Power of Great People and Organizations

In a fast-changing world, how do you build a culture where extraordinary innovation becomes ordinary? A culture that lasts and consistently delivers exponential leaders, growth and value creation.


The key ingredients to innovation acceleration are not what you see portrayed most often in the media. Great, enduring organizations know what it really takes to create and, most importantly, scale innovation. 


We explore how to blend disciplined innovation methods with elements of venture capitalism, crowdsourcing and collaborative leadership to deliver rapid and sustainable business improvements and innovations in any industry.


This high energy session engages the audience in powerful collaborative leadership principles applied to business improvement and innovation. In the “Need for Speed” challenge, participants will collaborate to innovate in real time and “make the impossible, possible.”

Duration: 2 hrs, 4 hrs or 8 hrs

Additional Executive Masterclasses, Workshops, Training or Special Sessions Include:

Advanced Lean Six Sigma & Innovation Yellow, Green and Black Belt 

Executive Lean Six Sigma & Innovation Master Black Belt

Strategy Ideation, Categorization and Prioritization

Advanced or Executive Collaboration and Decision Making

Board or Executive Strategic Retreat Sessions

Other Customized Sessions 

Please contacts us for details, scheduling, and special requests.  

Collaborative Leadership and Innovation Execution

Intensive, highly interactive and collaborative four-day course to prepare participants to ideate, scope, lead and implement high value innovation projects.

Course content includes:

  • Value driven, venture capitalist approach to innovation project selection

  • Detailed case studies demonstrating innovation techniques and methods

  • "Innovation through simplification" approaches and applications

  • Application of core, adjacent, and disruptive innovation principles

  • Growth accelerators and exponential technologies

  • Data science, advanced experimentation and statistical techniques

  • Organizational culture, change management and key influencers

  • Advanced presentation skills and science based, emotional storytelling

  • Failure and vulnerability: the art of being wrong to innovate

  • Advanced collaborative leadership skills, tools and techniques

Duration: 4 Days

Executive Retreats Seminars Collaboration
Excellence & Innovation Acceleration Masterclass Seminar Keynote
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