Jose Pires Keynote Excellence Innovation

Accelerating Innovation, Leadership, Strategy and Value

José Pires serves as Global Excellence & Innovation (E&I) executive leader and advisor for startups, scaleups and Fortune 500 companies, where he oversees the global identification, prioritization and execution of high value business improvements and innovations for the companies, business partners and customers in multiple markets. 

Pires has held Excellence & Innovation leadership positions in large, global companies in the electronics (Sony), semiconductor (Cymer-ASML), food (Nestlé), energy / water / telecommunications infrastructure (Black & Veatch)
and oil & gas/energy (Andeavor-MPC) industries. Throughout his career, he developed and refined E&I as
an award winning program to accelerate innovation, leadership development, strategy execution and
value creation, positively impacting more than 100 organizations and 30,000 professionals in 20+ countries.

Learn How You Can:

  • Build a sustainable culture of Excellence & Innovation anywhere in the world

  • Identify or develop highly engaged innovators and entrepreneurs in your organization

  • Leverage exponential technologies that rapidly scale business innovations and value creation 

  • Identify, prioritize and implement innovations that create
         the most value, in the shortest time, and simplest means